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Spin-Off Insights is an independent firm focused on publishing investment research on public companies pursuing spin-offs. We believe there are structural factors that cause these companies to have a better than average chance to be mispriced by the market. As a result, this is an excellent area for investors to concentrate their research efforts to find compelling ideas.

At Spin-Off Insights, we only provide analysis that is fact-based and balances the pros and cons of each individual security. Unlike many investment research firms, we do not receive compensation from any companies we publish research on nor do we receive any advertising revenue from our website. As a result, you will never find deceptive analysis or sensational headlines. Our incentives are to provide honest, straightforward information that highlights compelling investment opportunities. We believe this structure completely aligns us with our subscribers and makes us a unique provider of investment research.


Please contact us with any questions about our services by emailing us directly at contact@spinoffinsights.com or by visiting our Contact Page. We are always happy to hear from subscribers and future subscribers and help in any way we can.

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