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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Upcoming Spin-Offs?

Simply navigate to the Spin-Off Calendar page and click “Upcoming Spin-Offs”. This will show you the recently closed spin-offs as well as the upcoming spin-offs.

You can also find the list of upcoming spin-offs in each issue of Spinning Opportunity, the monthly newsletter publication.

Where Can I Find the List of Most Recent Spin-Offs?

The list is located under the Spin-Off Calendar tab on the Recent Spin-Of Page.

You can also find the list of recent spin-offs in each issue of Spinning Opportunity, the monthly newsletter publication.

What Do I Get with a Spin-Off Insights Subscription?

Subscribers receive comprehensive coverage of U.S. spin-offs:

  • Spin-Off Briefs on each new spin-off announcement
  • In-Depth Spin-Off Research Reports on upcoming spin-offs
  • Monthly Issue of Spinning Opportunity
  • Access to Spin-Off Calendars, Recent Spin-Off List, and Potential Spin-Off List
  • Access to Spin-Off Category Filters
  • Access to the growing research library
  • Ongoing discussion of upcoming and recently closed spin-offs via email and phone
How Often is New Research Published?

The Spin-Off Brief is typically published within a week of a company announcing a spin-off and the Spin-Off Research Report is usually published a couple weeks prior to the spin-off closing. However, the exact timing of each report depends on the individual circumstances.

The monthly newsletter, Spinning Opportunity, is generally published on the first business day of each month.

Where Can I Find Spin-Off Briefs and Research Reports?

All the research is published in chronological order on the “Research” Page. This page can be found under the “Subscriber Area” Header. You can also find research under the resources column in the spin-off calendars and filters.

Lastly, you can search for research on a particular company by using the search bar on the far right side of the header (magnifying glass).