www.Tellbam.com – Get Reward – Books A Million Survey

www.Tellbam.com – Chromebooks-A-Million, Inc. commonly called as Bam! Is a bookstore chain in United States and has its headquarters at Birmingham, Alabama. BAM first opened its doors in the year 1917 and has been in retail and entertainment industry for 104 years now. The BAM stores range from 4000 to 30000 square feet in size and has 260 stores.The BAM Company also owns American Wholesale Book Company which is an internet development and services company.

www.Tellbam.com - Get Reward - Books A Million Survey

www.Tellbam.com – Get Reward


BAM’s century of existence in industry shows the level of service it provides. But BAM still wants to confirm with its customers if their services are satisfactory? So Book-A-Million has launched a survey so as to give customers a chance to share their feedback for which they will be rewarded with a  off coupon from Book-A-Million.


So do you want to grab this opportunity then we will help you get all the details in one place. In this article we will discuss how you can take the survey, eligibility criteria, rules and regulations, requirements and also the rewards redemption and others required to take the survey.

BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey

Is reading your hobby then Book-A-Million is for sure on your list always? So have you made a visit to Book-A-Million in recent times then check your BAM! Receipt as you have a invitation to take the survey. All you as a customer have to do is share your genuine opinion with the company about your experiences of Book-A-Million visit.


These information helps Book-A-Million review its plans and find the loopholes. The basic agenda of the survey is to get details and thereby know the areas of improvement to provide better experiences on upcoming visits.


Your candid feedback is really worthy so try to be genuine even if you had some negative experience. Your feedback is their base of future services provided by Book-A-Million. BAM! Survey can be taken from anywhere online through internet and is just a matter of 10 minutes.


But your 10 minutes of time and efforts are appreciated by Book-A-Million through a off coupon code at the end of the survey. So the survey by Book-A-Million is a Win-Win for their customers as they get chance to raise their voice, get better services and along get this reward.

Tell BAM! Survey Guidebook and Requirements

BAM! Survey has designed a guidebook to simplify your survey task, so before you start get the list of these guidelines and requirements so that they do not fall as burden on you:

  • Only legal residents of 50 United States having attained the age of 18 will be eligible to participate in Book-A-Million survey.
  • A receipt from Book-A-Million is mandatory for BAM! Survey.
  • Adequate knowledge of either of the BAM! Survey language i.e. English or Spanish is required.
  • An internet connecting gadget with good internet network is required for BAM! Survey online.
  • The prizes earned through BAM! Should be accepted as and how offered and also its redemption will be valid only if it is as per rules.
  • The Coupon code must be redeemed in a time period of 15 days and not to be delayed beyond that.
  • The coupon can be redeemed on any purchases exceeding at any of Book-A-Million store.
  • The Employees, Management, Directors, other having interest in Book-A-Million and their families are all not eligible to take the Book-A-Million Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Book-A-Million Customer Satisfaction Survey Steps wise Process

Now if you are given a look at the guidebook by Book-A-Million and are clear about it then you just have to follow the below given steps in series:

  • Enter the official website of Book-A-Million Customer Satisfaction Survey i.e. BAM! Survey, tellbam.smg.com.
  • Select the language of your choice and knowledge which helps you ease the survey.
  • Now enter the receipt details from your BAM! Receipt which includes transaction number, store number, date and time of visit in the given fields.
  • Click on Next button to get the survey question on your interface.
  • There will be 10-15 questions on screen which needs your rating based on your recent experience with Book-A-Million.
  • Make sure you do not skip questions and also you give candid feedback as this makes your data worth in making decisions.
  • Once you have rated the questions on screen please key in your personal data like name, contact details and Email Id.
  • Submit your feedback with the company and soon you will receive your coupon code on screen.
  • Copy this code, save it for later! Carry this on your next visit at Book-A-Million store.

www.Tellbam.com - Get Reward - Books A Million Survey


Make sure you redeem your coupon code with Book-A-Million in the mentioned time period as this expires beyond that. Book-A-Million really appreciates you taking the survey and thus you should give candid feedback.

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